Getting Steps for the New Vaulter

The Process of Getting a Measured Approach

Working with brand new vaulters

Vaulters hold at the “reach grip”.  They “know” what foot they want to jump from

  1. Vaulters begin at the 40’ mark on the runway
  2. Vaulters will “push vault” – not “carry” the pole 
  3. Push Vault – pole tip on the runway – pole carried on shoulder
  4. They run down the runway towards the PV Pit
    1. Starting with their non-jump foot – pushing the pole tip 
  5. When they reach the takeoff zone – they try to jump off the correct foot
    1. And on the correct side of the pole
  6. Vaulters are just “stepping up” into pit using pole – trying to land on takeoff foot in the center of the “landing zone”
  7. Coach will lengthen the approach as needed until vaulter takes 5 takeoff steps
  8. Vaulter will likely be between 40 and 50 feet 
  9. Vaulter will work towards a consistent takeoff step on the correct foot
  10. Plant consists of pressing the pole off the shoulder and up – not forward towards pit
Vaulters on the Track

Coach will mark a chalk runway and box on the track

Chalk runway will have takeoff marks and starting marks from 40 to 60 feet marked

  1. Vaulters will take their “push” approach from runway to track
  2. They will run the same approach – this time “counting” takeoff foot steps (3-2-1)
  3. Their count should sound like – 1, 3-2-1, then flat-flat (last non-takeoff-takeoff steps)
  4. Vaulters should practice this so that they have a consistent count pattern
  5. Coach may need to lengthen approach as vaulters gain confidence and speed


  1. Vaulters will have 5 takeoff step approach
  2. Vaulters will have a repeatable “count” – 1, 3-2-1, flat-flat
  3. Vaulters will know their takeoff measurement (probably around 5’)
  4. Vaulters will know starting measurement (probably around 50’)

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