Circleville Pole Vault Camp

WHEN:   3 days:  MAY 30,31, JUNE 1  (Tue, Wed, Th,) TIME:      9:00 till noonish WHERE:  Circleville High School (on Tiger Drive) COST:     $75 per vaulter (We will have 2 pits. Can handle the first 24 campers to register with checks. Coaches & parents are welcome for free. My goal is to help you help your vaulter.  (Any donations accepted if you feel that youContinue reading “Circleville Pole Vault Camp”

Too Bad to Vault

Assumed Risk Let’s start with the basics.  Every track and field event, pole vault included, needs to be conducted safely.  Weather conditions might change the focus from “citius, altius, fortius” (faster, higher, stronger) to “survival mode”, but the event still needs to be safe.  With every event in track and field there is also an “assumed risk”.  AContinue reading “Too Bad to Vault”

Getting Steps for the New Vaulter

The Process of Getting a Measured Approach Working with brand new vaulters Vaulters hold at the “reach grip”.  They “know” what foot they want to jump from Vaulters on the Track Coach will mark a chalk runway and box on the track Chalk runway will have takeoff marks and starting marks from 40 to 60 feetContinue reading “Getting Steps for the New Vaulter”