Pole Vault Terms (I Don’t Use)

After coaching pole vault for a full forty years – I’ve seen an evolution of terminology in the event.  In the mid-1990’s, USATF tried to “standardized” how we talked about pole vault, because so many of the terms were “regional”.  Here in Ohio, there was a whole “school” of pole vault from Eastern Ohio coaches.  They had tremendousContinue reading “Pole Vault Terms (I Don’t Use)”

Numbers and Pole Vault

“Magic Numbers” There are four “magic” numbers pole vault athletes need to know before they are ready for competition.  Where they start their approach run  Where they takeoff from  Where they usually set their standards Where they want to start the competition For example,  Alonzo, a 13’ sophomore boy                   Abigail, a 10’ sophomore girl  – startsContinue reading “Numbers and Pole Vault”