Old Coaches – New Rules

So you know all about coaching pole vaulting – but you haven’t coached high school/middle school for a while.  Here’s some things that might have changed – 2022 

  • No Run backs in warmups or competition
  • No tapping (assisted vault) in warmups 
  • You CAN video vaults – and share the video with your vaulter during competition (as long as your “out” of the competition area)
  • You ARE required to have the new “box collar/pad” to vault 
  • You must certify your vaulters weight (and poles) at each competition -YOU ARE LIABLE
  • You cannot move the weight label on your poles
  • You cannot check in more poles once competition has begun (so check ‘em all in before)
  • You cannot “make” your own weight label (it has to come from manufacturer – they’ll provide a new one if needed – but you’ll pay for it)
  • The “two layers of tape” rule is gone – just has to be smooth•Vaulters still can’t wear gloves or tape hands (other than covering an open wound)
  • Pole “catchers” (if allowed at all) CANNOT “save” the pole from hitting the bar

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Retired teacher and coach

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